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Can I just say that so far I only blog for the sake of blogging for this module. 😛 haha, just being honest here. Ok but not this last post. In fact this last post of mine will be something that is deep from my heart. Something I have been thinking, going through and realising for quite a while.

*** Btw this will the longest post I’ve done so far, don say i never warn you ***

Dr Ben keeps mentioning about “What doesnt kill you, makes you strong”. With that I totally agree, just to share with you a personal story of mine. When I was in the army, I had a very horrible boss. Yuming can vouch for that. So horrible that my whole unit actually detest him. He was my S3, 2nd highest in command in the unit. Even my CO who was higher than him, didnt like him. He came in to the unit shortly after I joined the unit. I was still relatively new then. The first few weeks with him were totally hell. One of the worst times of my life, he’s like Dr Ben (Wahahhah!) minus the friendly smiles and add a lot of shouting and discouragement. I remembered I almost wanted to break down the first few weeks, I would work until like 8-9pm in the Ops room (my office). The tasks he brought it down on me were something that I never learned and heard before (haha familiar? :P) In fact, the tasks were so new and remote that even my experienced superiors did even know what he was talking about. Often than not when he handed me those tasks,  I kept deliberated between whether to clarify with him what the hell he wanted AND just do it based on own interpretation and knowledge. But you see, either way, I’ll get screwed upside down. 😦

He often gave harsh remarks like  “JIAYANG, YOU SLOW OR WHAT? CAN YOU F**KING WAKE UP YOUR IDEA?” or “THATS NOT WHAT I WANT! ARE YOU ABIT DUMB OR SOMETHING!?” His remarks were downright cruel, they just eat your heart out. I vividly remembered few months after I was in the unit, my grandfather passed away. So I had few days of compassionate leave. When I came back, work was piling up of course. Doing what he did best, he callously asked why I left all my work undone. So I explained my situation to him. And you know what? At this point of time you can call him the most evil or apathetic person on earth, he actually replied “SO? MOVE ON LAH!” I tell you at that moment, I was thinking if I’m working in a corporate world where I had my choice to leave, I’ll just freaking threw my work out and quit. But being the army (because we have no choice where to go and leave), so we had to leave by this “motivation – LL which stands for “Lan Lan”. It roughly translates to “No choice, have to do it”. In this “LL” mindset, I’ve no choice but to perserve. I gritted my teeth and moved on, what to do? So I learned. What my boss wanted? I gave him more work. What he wanted me to learn? I learn more.

Eventually I became very proficient with that knolwedge.  I became the only person in my unit to have that knowledge. Not only that I became quite good terms with that boss of mine after a while. He was less harsh on me although there were times he were still quite rough. But you know having to go  through the first few weeks of hell with him, was nothing compared to some occasional rants. Eventually, you can literally say I became his aide. Everytime he wanted something from someone, he would ask me to get it for him. My rank is small lah btw, so everytime I had to get stuff from people (who are much higher ranking than me), they’ll give it to me because this boss is higher than them. His power was kind of bestowed upon me. (evil laugh 😉 ) Later part of my army life, I could easily get things I wanted even from senior officers. Things that even my boss didnt ask me to. 😛 Combine all that with the knowledge I have, I felt that I gained quite a little respect from the seniors in the unit. I got quite along well with many of them. Of course it was paid off by having to go to a live firing exercise in Australia (although I was not needed and it was not possible for my army vocation :P) and having awarded the best serviceman.

Ok my point here is not saying we all should work under a horrible boss to make us learn. I come to realise that because of people like him that made my life miserable, I got to learn a lot, really a lot. Not just knowledge, I became a much better person. At this point I would say, without him, I wouldnt be what I am today. At some point of life, we all need a little push. Dr Ben, you are right about Singaporeans like to be comfortable. Its really very true, most of my uni friends wants to continue studying. Why? Because they think the economy is bad, hard to get a job, so staying in school will the safest option so they can further upgrade themselves. Is it really? I say their reason is that they are just plain scared. Scared to go out and meet reality. Sorry i’m offending anyone at this point of time. But look into your heart and ask if you really want to study, or you are just scared to graduate.  But know that eventually you have to graduate and come to realise that you will not be spoonfeeded anymore. You have to come to terms that you are going to step out of this comfort zone you have been for the past 20 years.

So is it good that you should choose what you like to do most and do it? I tend to disagree on this. Because I think if you can do something you dont like to do and do it better, you can do everything you like at your best. Ya la its true that Singaporeans like to torture themselves, but then its through the pain that we get to learn mah. Someone once told me that its not the passion that gets you to be successful. Its the perserverence and faith that gets you through. If you get a job you like today, along the way you were tasked with things that you really dont like at all, are you not going to do it just because its not what you like to do? No pain no gain right?

You see the funny thing about pain is that once you are having it, you wish it will go away. But once it’s gone, you will miss it. Thats how I feel actually, funny how I’m actually missing the times when my boss used to screw me upside down. 😛  I say that once you go through pain, it becomes an experience. This experience will bring about a change in you. I say most of the times, its a good change. The army was a good change for me, nothing physcial. All pure mental and self awareness. I remember one of the post by Kevin talked about his peer reviews and Dr Ben commented that self awarenss is important.  Self awarness is no doubt 1 of the most important attribute we all must have. Once you have the self awareness, when you know your weakness and strength, evitably you will always try to change your weakness and leverage your strengths. Nobody likes to  stay weak right? Like I mention in my last post, a person who thinks highly of himself will never go far. Change is the only constant. What you have done today doesnt necessarily reflect the person you are tomorrow. I guess it always good to do some constant self reflection to who you are. Already I feel that I’m a different person 13 weeks ago, a better different.

I’ve learned that not everyone thinks like you. Either you change them or they change you. 🙂 I know most of you are already falling asleep here, but I havent even started talking about the course yet! 😛 whahaha. Ok la here goes.. I remember the first lesson of cs3216 where we had to do a little show and tell. I kind of screw up because obviously I wasnt prepared. Call that a complacent act. While I was standing looking at each and everyone promoting their interest, it just dawned on me I’m not really good at anything or any interest I’m doing. There was nothing for me to show off about myself. Its quite sad actually I thought. But now I feel it doesnt matter as long I’m willing to learn now and be good at something that I want to be. Maybe next time I can do a much better job at future show and tells.

Moving on, I got to start off on our first assignement with Yuming, Dhiviya and Archana. Our first Mishmash! I tell you, it was a crazy experience. Working on the assignment during CNY, that point of time I was thinking how “great” this module was. But now I realised, its nothing la. Chinese New year only, we get it every year anyway. So the first mishmash didnt turn out what we wanted to be. I remember when we told Dr Ben we wanted to continue working on this assignment for our final project, he replied “Really ah!?” HOW DISCOURAGING CAN!? But never mind, we wanted to prove him wrong hehehehe.. 😛

2nd assignment was with Duc, Yiming and Yuhan. A presentation seminar. Haha it was a  good experience though. I’m glad our whole group got the chance to present individually even some of you may think we didnt really do well. It doesnt matter, whats most important for us is that we all individually got to learn from this presentation. Thats what I like about presentations, i think its the best learning experience. Do you know that more people actually fear public speaking than death? haha thats just funny. Imagine people would rather jump off and die than speaking in front of public. But  I think public speaking is a very important skill. Breaking that barrier will certainly boost your confidence, the confidence that get you anything you want.

3rd assignment. The 1 that most of us literally booed over. 😛 THE WPF ASSIGNMENT. I did it with Yuhan, Archana, Zhao Cong and Jimmy. Gotta admit I didnt really contribute much to the group 😦 The programmers worked really hard here, I kind of felt guilty here. Nevertheless, I hope that it was good learning experience for them, picking up skills on C# and WPF. Nothing much to iterate here because I’m quite adverse to MS stuff (funny I’m still using windows because I have no choice, some softwares I need must run on windows). I guess being adverse to something will be my downfall 1 day, so I will try to overcome this. Haha, not by trying to use MS stuff, because I’m already grew tired of their buggy and performance eating softwares. But rather try to face something that I thought I’m adverse to.

Final Project. Back to Mishmash! You know how good it felt when Dr Ben actually commented on our project? It felt so good man. It felt like my ex army boss commenting on my work, you see the link here? whahah! But anyway, our team put in heart and soul into this project. Taking in consideration every aspect of the app such as user experience and performance. But of course there will always be improvements. However, I’m glad it kind of work out as an app. Does this app sell so far? I wont say its very successful yet, well its now really up to us to sell the app to other people. Remember what I said earlier? Either change people or they change you.

Ok I haven been the smartest or knowledgeable person in the class. In fact I’m quite mediocre (Ok I know Dr Ben doesnt like this word..hahah) amongst everyone of you in the class. But here’s the thing, at least it make a little difference to my life. That is all that matters. I’ve learn some technical skills like:

  • Improving on my HTML skills (haha dont laugh!)
  • Simple Flash (ahh, a breakthrough for me!)

life knowledge like:

  • Sales is more important than anything
  • Find people to work with that compliments you (i.e cover your weakness and leverage your strengths)
  • many moree, this module is more like a life course la. hahah

I’m graduating in 1/2 years’ time but I’m already working as a financial planner. Ahh I can see a lot of “eeees” and “blehsss” from you all, haha doesnt matter. Remember about how Dr Ben were saying about Singaporeans being too comfortable? Yes damn right, I’m not really comfortable taking on this job. This industry has a very negative face to it but nevertheless financial planning is important! Haha just look at how Dr Ben can get away with a “free” HDB flat. Its all about the financial education man. Can this job make me rich? Yes it definitely can. Is it easy? Hell no, one of the toughest 1 out there. Do I believe in what I’m doing? Yes, I truly do. Nothing flatters me more when my client compliments me not for helping him, but rather making him understand how important financial planning is. I’m starting this blog: Its still rough and infant, but hopefully the little info in there can help anyone of you out there.

On this note, okok coming to an end already.. I’ll like to thank Dr Ben, for being the 2nd boss that is so “evil” Necessary evil I would say. Thank Kok Wee for doing all the back end job, I can tell its not easy when you have the evil boss whahhaha jk! 😛 Thanks all the tutors – Chris, Kent, Su Yuen, and Yuen Hoe (Sorry if i missed out anyone else) for all the technical knowledge you have to impart to us although I never make much use of it. Bleh 😦 But hopefully its a learning experience for all of you too! 😛 Each and everyone of the classmates too! From the programming knowledge my group members have taught me to some impressive presentations by some of you to even blowing a tune out of the bottle. Every action has a consequence, be it small or big. It makes a little difference who we are today. 🙂

Thank you.


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Meet the bosses who bosses their talents where..

..various entrepreneurs from different fields came down to NUS did a little show and tell 🙂 Each of them showcased their wealth of experience, and indeed it was very insightful. Dr Ben said not everyone can be an entrepreneur and this I totally agree. The thing is… the education system we are going through does not cultivate our reprenuership, in fact we are trained to be the other side of spectrum. My 23 years of education have taught me skills to work for people, not people working for me. In NUS, I cringed a little everytime someone says “i want to study hard and in the future, start my own company”.

Possibly its our Government, always advocating/encouraging/promoting entreprenuership. They make it sound so easy, everyone should jump on this bandwagon. I personally feel anyone who wants to start a company should be equipped with the right skills first. Not skills we memorised/learned from the school, but rather skills that cultivate our leadership, responsibility, commitment and 3 most important attributes I reckon – EQ, Guts and Selling yourself.

Anyone without a good sense of EQ SHOULDNT EVEN START A COMPANY. The reason is simple, if you cant work people, they wont stay long with you, most probably you will end up alone and ‘die’ alone. I dont believe a one man job is possible in this era, we all need someone who can rely on. Guts? No guts, no risk, no returns. Simple. Just take a look at some of the people.. Bill Gates who drop out of Harvard just because he got the guts to do things his own way, Mr Dennis Goh who gave up his high flying govt job to start up, and many other examples. Selling yourself is something I already mentioned in my last post. No point reiterating again 😛

In any case, I hope we get more talks like this rather than the talk we had last week 😛 No offense, the speaker (woops sorry forgotten his name) is good. He makes many attempts to liven up his talks and all. But I just really cannot understand make much sense of what he’s talking about probably because I’m from ARTS 😛 But I do get 1 thing. Web performance is not only about better servers and all, its also about coding. I went for discussion held by Chris Henry on saturday and again, quite lost. But again, I learned that there are many ways to code the same result. But it makes a world of difference in performance wise. (haha, pardon my noobish layman typing) Man, Chris is definitely one passionate guy. It’s been a while since I heard someone spoke so freely about his passion. His passion will definitely bring him to places he wants. After all, -quote him- if you already know what you want, your  career path has already been set.Pr

Well I’m so glad our project Mishmash received many compliments from our friends and Dr evil. But with such compliments, comes a whole new lot of stuff to do.. Well, nothing is perfect.

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Lecture 8 – process..a good process more important than an idea…

at least that’s what I learned from all of you so far (I didnt attend the last lecture 😛 had way too many things to do)

Ok, its software engineering. By the name itself, you know its something technical. Maybe not to you programmers, but at least to me. Yes.. from what I see, many of you go on talking about modularity / abstraction whatsoever, I didnt really understand any of those. Even for someone like me who has done some programming back in my poly years,I  didnt really hang of anything. But hey, at least through you guys (those who blog) I did learned something. Programming is far more than just the result of excuting an idea, its about the process of excuting it.

Prior to the previous lecture, I always assume a good programmer is just someone who can readily execute an idea, never mind how messy the coding is. Didnt really occur to me, bad coding layout can be detrimental in a sense of solving bugs, scaling or for others to understand. Lets just say I’m more of the end user – Anyone who kills a tiger is a good hunter, never mind how he did it.

Lets just reiterate this concept (from you guys): Software engineering = programming + people. Programming is all about knowledge, skill, commitment to make things happen. Now, people? I say people is emotional. We all have our way of doing things. Never mind most of us subscribe to a common way of doing things (I’m talking the context not just programming, but every thing else). Putting the 2 ‘P’s together, I believe no 2 programmer can code the exact same thing, just like saying no 2 humans can have the same personality. So personally I think programming is something subjective, it is hard for anyone to totally accept someone’s way of coding. We are all different remember?

So really how do we really make something universal for all to understand? I say we dont. Believe in yourself. If they dont believe you, make them believe you. Yea maybe right now you think that it is fair we should all subscribe to a common understanding, make the world a better place. Be part of this collectivistic culture. Stay in the comfort zone. Dont deviate. Apologies if I do sound straightforward, but sad to say, success is not this way. Why is only 5% of the population in the world considered successful? Because they are different. They only believe in themselves. They take pride in their work, brush aside criticism, and push it 110%.

Honestly, I dont know if I’m deviating from the topic of what, but it is what I inter from. After working with all the programmers, I have to say they are all really good. They want it, they go for it, they did it. I dont know how messy their coding are. But all I can say is, if it works, it works. Its good. Yea, maybe consequences come later. Then where you say we should all plan first. Fail to plan, plan to fail etc etc. As you can already guess, I’m not much of an analyser / planner (Ironically I’m working as a financial planner) But really, I think we should all give in to our RAW emotions, our passion, take our intuition and guts to the max. Of course a little planning is vital. But if planning involves sitting down, drawing up some plan, coming up with some charts, timeline etc etc, you realised after a while there will be many hurdles and obstacles along the way. Of course if you are really optimistic, you will still go for it. For the rest of us? Dwell in pessimistic mode and forgo the plan? Try to find a way around those hurdles? Then, more problems will surface along the way.. (Yes I am someone with no management experience or whatsoever, so this may naive thinking to you)

Yea I agree there are many people who didnt plan and eventually fail. Well thats where I say, work with the right mix of people. Its about finding people who complement your flaws, leveraging on their strengths. What Prof Ben always say, find the smartest people to work with you. I do agree to a certain extend, but I think smart is just knowledge to me. Tangible knowledge. I have to say this: I dont really like working with people who think they are smart. (Not smart people, note the difference) Why? Take this analogy of a full glass of water. Any more water I pour into it, it just overflows. Get it?

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If you ever thought of…

quitting. Just because you cant the handle the stress, or because things are not going too well, or because everyone else discourages you, or because you THINK YOU CANT..

Watch this video.

He  learned a skill from  his own disability. He joked about his disability, remains so ever optimistic.

We are all able people, yet how many of us can really LEARN and be OPTIMISTIC about our own flaws?

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Lecture (lost track of number) – of the discussions and team management

We had a discussion to feedback on app “Get Help”. Turned out to be quite a lively discussion. Everyone giving his share of voice until Bam!, Weiman (yea if you are reading this, you must be grinning from ear to ear..hahaha) struck the class with the comment of the semester. There was a flaw in the utility in the app, a big flaw indeed. Well, thinking hard sometimes does really help. But most importantly I think the moral of the story is this:

Sometimes no matter how perfect you think your app is, no matter how much you try to think and overcome any user experience flaws, ultimately it takes a 3rd party to discover a flaw or bug. I think thats one of the reasons why Dr Ben started this discussion – to learn from others. Learn things that you may never even think of. They say the mind is like a sky with almost unlimited potential, but I think sometimes you need a guide to glide you along. 🙂

We had an external speaker, Vincent Woon to speak on the issues of team management. He’s right about one thing, teamwork can really be a pain in the ass sometimes. (Fortunately, I got very good group project team mates to work with for this mod) Its definitely not easy to find your dream team. Sometimes even with the smartest or people with the best attitude, as long as the ideals dont click, everything else wouldnt work out. I worked with the perfect team mates (if you will) before, but our ideals were different. So we didnt really had a exactly nice working relationship. You think of compromising with one another, but that isnt gonna exactly make anyone feel better..

Dr Ben argues that a leader should always find the smartest people to work for/with him. I agree to this on some extent. The most successful people in the world are not the smartest people, but the people who has the smartest working for him. But to be honest, I find thats a very elitist point of view 😛

How about the average Joes? The mediocre people? Is it really fair to them? If everyone thinks this way, the intellectual/information divide is going to get wider for sure. The smart will only work with the smart, leaving the less than smart people fending for themselves.

I guess this world is never fair in the first place, its about the survival of the fittest, natural selection. Especially in the meritocractic society of Singapore, if you cant contribute, you are out. Take a look at the education system in Singapore, its only RESULTS that gets you to places. (ok, maybe CCA points do contribute a little) If you are not academically smart, how? Go for the sports lor. Even then they already have foreign talents to fill up spaces. 😛

So how? People who are not deemed smart, no latent talents.. all have to strive academically lor. If results poor? Stab lecturer lor.. :X

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Case study 1

I think the idea of this application is good. Users leverage on each other. Ask, reciprocate, everyone sees that you are a good / skilled person, they love you. There, your build your ego. I’ve studied before that prosocial behaviour does often occur more often online than offline world. Migitation of time and place makes it easy for users to help 1 and another. Based on the social learning theory (haha, – ARTS module inject -), people learn that rendering help to others will attain positive acknowledgement from them and possibly incentives. (in this case, awards and titles). That is why people help. Furthermore, these ‘incentives’ are extremely prominent where everyone else can see, so those who help actually want others to be aware of their contributions. (Its all about ego, ego and ego.)

Anyway, I would say the overall design is asethically pleasing. Friendly graphics and good colour scheme. The layout is not bad although I think some improvements would be ideal such as proper alignment for the “need quick help” section. That section looks very cluttered somehow. The font colours (light gray) are a bit too light to grab my attention. Probably a simpler looking interface would be good because at one glance, i see a lot of grays which can seem a little dull. The bright red is too striking, stealing the attention from all the words. Pardon all my comments but I still think the UI is generally looking good.

Functionality wise, I personally liked the idea that you can actually send the sms the your friends asking for help. I think its a very convenient way to send sms, isnt it (Ok i’m actually drifting off to another app…) Anyway, I think the whole direction is good.

From what I see, the options available are quite extensive. However, I do have a suggestion as I was thinking +1 award given should be exercised only if the receiver agrees to give it to the helper. Take for example, I’m only interested to build up my profile, I would only care by acting ‘helpful’  such as typing a few lines anyhow the app registers it as a “help”. (Correct me on this, but I’m not sure how does this validation of “help” given takes place) In this case, the receiver may not be actually receive the help he wanted. Worse still, everyone thinks he’s a good samaritiarian when in fact all he done was only a wayang (putting on a show – Singaporean slang, ahhhh remind me of my NSF days..tsk tsk tsk)

I would only think the awards and titles are only enticing for users who are interested to build up their profile and of course for people who really want to help. I agree with Kevin on this, maybe an introduction of real incentives such as a pair of movie vouchers for top samaritarian would be gooood. Help 10 users, get a free whopper burger anyone?

I reckon the main issue here is building up the users for this app. This app is practically useless if there is only 1 user (ahhh..remember, value the power of network effect). The more users there are, the higher chance that users will get help, the more they will use this app, the more people will join. I think this is a prevalent issue in almost all newly started apps.

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Lecture 4: (Their) pitching session

Today’s lecture gotta be most relaxing one ever. Just sitting back, relax, listening to ideas (I have to say, this feels great because the pressure is not on us at all :P)

After listening to all the talks, it just dawned on me that this huge conglomerate – Facebook will actually be the next big thing that not only people, but companies look up to. The wonderful affordances of Facebook not only translate into social interactions but also commercialism. Companies big or small alike, also want to jump onto this huge bandwagon. However, will a Facebook app really boost their sales or brand awareness? I’m contemplating.

Consumer’s attention is hard to grab I would say, in this real world. Companies spend millions of advertising dollars on campaigns just to grab hold of our attention and we (I would say  most of the time) just take them for granted. Ads pervade our everyday lives, in fact a study has shown that we encounter at least few thousand ads every day. And how many do we actually remember? Furthermore, whos to say the more advertising dollars  u spend, the better you will grab consumer’s attention? And so what you grab their attention, does it translate to sales? Ultimately, ads are meant for generating sales not attention.

Today’s virtual world, even harder I would say. Tonnes of information at our fingertips and most importantly, the “x” button on the top right corner makes it so easy for us to close  anything that doesnt interest us. Facebook? Yes its exciting to know 150 million potential users out there. But with 150 million, comes like 1.5 million apps? Again, you think the high net worth of Facebook can help your company? Everyone else thinks likewise.

So ultimately, its about making way for the “killer app” that catches THE attention. Yet what you think is wonderful, others do not think so. What really constitues “killer” attributes? You know? Others dont think so. First mover advantage? Stroke of luck? Good marketing? Nerve hitting content?  Who knows.

Our Facebook group had a chat with the representative of Jujus (because our apps are similar), he thought Mishmash is  good but eventually slammed the idea of using Facebook platform to market their company. He insisted that the success of Facebook apps can hardly convert into dollars and sense because virtual items do not worth anything (I dont agree on this though, people spend thousands for some pixels in WOW) Also, the idea of “killer app” is difficult to create because as I mentioned earlier, what  you think so, others do not.  Well we do agree with him to a certain extend… But hey! We are a positive group – nothing is difficult unless u make it out to be. So I think we are going with Mishmash for our final project because we see high potential.

Anyway we had a talk with the representatives from NDP, maybe we will be working something out…  Well for now, lets get it over and done with WPF/Silverlight assignment.

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Lecture 3: Seminars ahoy!

First thing first,

after today I think the stereotypical impression of “BIZ/ARTS students are better at presentation” should be casted out. Almost everyone is really good! I  reckon its not a matter of adding fluf or theatrics to the presentation but rather the touch of sincerity, honesty and most importantly, the confidence of the presenter. Impressive classmates! Good job everyone 🙂 2 assignments down, 2 more to go (I”m feeling grim for next one though :P)
Anyhow, I have a few comments for some of the presentations.

Geo Challenge – One of the bad points raised by the team was the inability to select stages for the game. I think the developers of the game meant for it that way. The 4 stages of the game does actually follow an agenda.  The stages are planned in such a way that we (the users) have to segregate the luggages for the visitors according to the country, therafter flying them to country they want to go to, subsequently the city and finally the well known landmarks for each city.  I think having the flexibility for 4 different stages will entail 4 different leadership boards which means much more work for developers. (from what I reckon) Furthermore, the name Geo Challenge refers to challenge geographical knowledge. Having the option to choose different stages defeat the purpose entirely since knowing the flags doesnt mean you will know the location of the country. Geographical knowledge should encompasses the knowledge of the 4 stages entirely.

Oh btw, I cant believe there are bots for this! Worse still, on 1 of my favourite apps somemore! -.- Ego is really that important eh, might as well create fake accounts to boost up friends, or even using these acounts to write (positive/compliments) walls (to the owner). (Ok I know there are people doing it already..)

Whopper Challenge– I think this is one of best marketing campaign I’ve seen. Subtletly yet very ingenious idea from Burger King. Oh yes, I would gladly sacrifice some of my friends for the Whopper. In fact this app was still around, I would ‘sacrifice’ some of my closest friends just for some laughters, in any case they are close to me so they would probably understand. 😛 (Ok provided if I can actually add  them back after that). But again, let me reiterate, I think this is one of the best marketing campaign for something so out of the norm. Facebook should allow apps like this because ultimately it is up to users to decide what they do with their Facebook accounts. (More liberty from Facebook!)

<rant> Oh yes, last week I practically lose sight of everything else except Facebook/Flash/Photoshop/Illustrator. </rant> But well, it did evoke a great sense of achievement upon completion of the assignment. Kudos to my group – Yuming, Archana, Dhiviya!

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Lecture 2 – Microsoft..


It’s good to know that the prospects gaming industry in Singapore seems to be striving. Considering how gaming is a huge phenomenon among the youth these days, gaming industry should have taken off long ago. Just sick and tired of the Government  always promoting how maths and science industry is the way to go in Singapore.

Well it was certainly an eye opener today having to see the features of Silverlight and WBF. Some of the examples demonstrated by the use of those applications were cool, sleek, flashy, akin to those futuristic interface I’ve watched in the movies. However, I personally do have a few reservations on the use of these applications. Graphics and user interface aside, I think running those applications are going to take a hit on the performance of computers. Even though the MS evangelist did prove that powerful specifications  are not essential, somehow I feel that these applications will take a toll on computers in the long run.

I just dont have good vibes from MS because of their abysmal Vista, haha i know its not a fair comment.. but well, just a single bad product can really taint a company’s brand.

Criticism aside, I still dont really understand the features of Silverlight and WBF other than the fact that they can do fanciful graphics/transistions (just like Flash I reckon). Well in any case, now is not the current time to worry about that as we still have a huge assignment staring at us.

Shall spend the best chinese new year celebrations for this year. Ever.

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Struck an idea.. brings a start.. plan forth the work.. launch a new facebook application.. behold the epitome of Facebook! (I hope)

We had a workshop on PHP, mySQL, Unix and SOC zones on Saturday. Well for an ARTS student who has some experience in programming (but none of the above) before, I would say that the content is quite managable. I was able to grasp some (Well I tried to follow through all, but got lost after a while) of the concepts albeit presentations were a little too fast. Well, that is just one opinion. Anyways…
My group (Yu Ming, Dhiviya, Archana and myself) met up the hour before the workshop, had a few discussions, came out with a few great (or so to speak) ideas, one of which got slammed by Dr Ben. (ok, he didnt slam us actually, but then we had high hopes for it, so it was discouraging in some sense :P).  In the midst of the workshop, Yu Ming came out with a idea, and I mean THE IDEA.

A photo album application for Facebook, not just any photo album. Imagine users designing their own photo album.  A photo album  to be dynamic to the sense that not only it can look more arty farty, but  a sense of virtual space for users to play around with.  In the other words, users can actually design their own photo album by placing photos, notes, or other graphics anywhere they want inside an allocated space. Think photoshop with limited editing tools.

The whole idea of this application is actually to give users a even greater sense of empowerment, a more interactive environment for them to endow upon. Most of the applications or even the default photo album for facebook we feel are very mundane and restricted. If users care about how they look in their photos, why not take a step further and show how pretty/nice their photo albums can be.

In any case, we dont wanna go too ambitious yet, so at the moment we just do whatever we can.

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